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Hello my cute little friends!! Today I gonna give you a different solution for your internet problem.
I just thought how many people worried about their signal strength of Dongle and always mention mothers of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) heh hee!. 
I can read your mind....!!!!                     don't panic I’m just kidding..
I figured out a solution for it. here is another silly trick came out from my little brain.... You can boost your 3G signal from this thing. Try it and speed up your Dial-Up Connection
You don't wanna get your hands dirty with any soldering stuff, Hard work or you don't need any expensive stuff. Let’s see how it works !!

What we need?

6 Pieces of Single Core wires ( 1.2mm - recommended )
USB Extension cable ( 1 meter - recommended )
HSDPA Dongle :)

  •  6 Pieces of Single Core wires and USB Extension Cable

    •  Get the USB extension cable 
    •  Tie up the wires like this (Don't use too many wires)
    •  Bend the tip of the wires (ii)

    •  Now we are DoNE!! Hang or Stick the Dongle in upper place

    Tips to gain more signal ......!!

    •  Don't place the Dongle in Corners
    •  Don't place the Dongle in a Fully Covered Position
    •  Place It in a better air space
    •  Stick in the wall
    •  Move up your PC near to the window and hang the Dongle in the window :)

    Here is another Idea If you can Built !!!

    I Hope This post will help you some how...please leave a comment about your ideas

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    Absolutely wonderful post! What a perfect concept. Thank you EducationReviewBlog

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